TeamThink conducted a significant volume of stakeholder interviews (almost 30) including speaking to some of GEM Services’ suppliers, clients and industry contacts but also conducted a lot of networking through his own business network and LinkedIn; and brought in a lot of perspective related to our market opportunity.
— Steve Fisher, CEO - GEM Services

Companies can make the mistake of guessing what current and prospective customers need and determining a value proposition and messaging that resonates with customers. TeamThink collaborates with you define a path to product-market fit that creates the foundation for sales success.

We evaluate and pinpoint the following for your target customers:

  • An accurate perception of your products/services

  • Pain points and core needs (explicit and unmet)

  • Features of your products/services that offer the greatest value

  • Barriers to convert sales

  • Channels and key messages to build awareness and drive lead conversion

TeamThink’s customer needs analysis service includes:

  • Market research (in-depth interviews, online survey and secondary research)

  • Recruiting research participants

  • Rigorous analysis

  • Actionable recommendations

TeamThink analyzed a large amount of data to bring forward the critical points which results in our adjusting the business plan to better fit the market needs. Their ability to present the findings clearly was a critical factor in ensuring we made the best business decision.
— Steve Ibbotson, General Manager - FBC
The research had a direct impact on how we will position our product. We discovered a larger market than anticipated with a demand for different features than we had previously thought to emphasize. Our product development roadmap has been adjusted to make room for new products in our company’s future.
— Joel Bancroft, Founder, Navigo Dogs