TeamThink analyzed a large amount of data to bring forward critical data points which resulted in our adjusting the business plan to better fit market needs. Their ability to present findings clearly was a critical factor in ensuring we made the best business decisions.
— Steven Ibbotson

TeamThink delivers opportunity assessments and go-to-market plans to evaluate your market, technology, operations, team and financials; and are accompanied with a roadmap for growth.

We save you time to assess your market while delivering a valuable third party perspective on how to grow revenue and retain customers with practical and actionable plans.

Planning activities and opportunity assessments are catered to your specific needs, but typically include:

  • Customer needs analysis & segmentation strategy

  • Market analysis & sizing

  • Go-to-market options

  • Sales and marketing planning

  • SWOT analysis

  • Execution plan (milestones, timelines, budgets, resources)

  • Financial modelling

TeamThink facilitates your teams using a collaborative and iterative approach to produce the assessment efficiently; with an eye toward ongoing refinement as your business evolves.

TeamThink helped us prioritize product development and marketing sales efforts. They used applied research approaches (Google campaign, discovery interviews with prospective technology partners) to support market validation research and drive more meaningful analysis.
— Dave Howard, Technical Director - National Health Claim
TeamThink conducted a significant volume of stakeholder interviews (almost 30) including speaking to some of GEM Services’ suppliers, clients and industry contacts but also conducted a lot of networking through his own business network and LinkedIn; and brought in a lot of perspective related to our market opportunity.
— Steve Fisher, CEO - GEM Services